Retirement is a Terrible thing!

One of my favorite shows is our Q&A show. It’s a fun, off-the-cuff way to interact with the needs of my audience and share what insights I have. In this episode we talk about why I don’t believe in retirement, post-vacation email overload, the value of empathy, and more.continue reading

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why leadership principles can not only help you in your business, but also in your family—but only if you know when to apply them.
  • Why empathy and being willing to listen without forcing conclusions is essential to effective, healing leadership.
  • How to manage your inbox while you’re traveling so you don’t come home to a nightmare.
  • The benefits of doing a focus group instead of a reader survey when you’re just starting your blog.
  • How to decide whether your brand needs a static sales page or a live blog for first-time visitors.
  • Why living the life you want is more about priorities than time.

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